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The Autumn Blues !


Autumn has arrived ! I actually don't want to realize that. Do you feel the same? There is the feeling of a summer that hasn't reached its full speed yet and it's over though, meteorological and on the calender.

As a summer person, born in the meteorological summer under the sign of Gemeni, loving the sun and, if it's shining, enjoying it so much, the autumn- and winter blues happens to me every year since decades........ I am reluctant to wear socks, tights and trousers as long as possible, extend drinking summer drinks in my meanwhile heated appartment and like to look at my freckles which people now call age spots. By the way, why? Who decided to do so at what age? That is really a cheeky remark! I love my freckles........

Anyway, nothing of all that has ever managed the summer to stay - of course - though I hooked on the behaviour from above for years, transferring all my longings into our third and fourth season. But since I discovered the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and learned a lot about the scientific findings of the eastern medicine, I could make peace with my quite personal feeling of the too early end of summer.

First of all people, living with TCM, live with a fifth season, the late summer. That sounds much better, doesn't it? Around August (can't be determined by months but by the way of nature) the Earth Element sets the tone for our path, an element, which is based on gratitude. I've learned to look for and find gratitude for what life is giving me AT THIS MOMENT. It's easy to be grateful for a gift, for something we obviously see or hold in our hand, and that is almost a result of our education.  But it's considerable more difficult to ask yourself every day, what I'm grateful for today, and essential for a holistic healthy way through the year and our life.

I'm talking about being grateful for little things we normally don't perceive: for the 'Hello' of our neighbour who hasn't been seen for ages, for the gesture of someone holding the door open for you at the bakery so that you can easily march through or for the fact that your favourite jeans still fits this year. Saying 'Thank You'  for these moments is lucrative for your day, Try and find out how much more attentive and mindful you are incidentally. Thank yourself loudly for that moment, for YOU should hear it.

And if you have the chance to move and dance to gentle music while gratitude is flowing through your body, not only your soul will benefit but also your 'tired old bones'.

If you have time,  come and visit one of our workhops to experience the Earth Dance. It's so easy to learn....I promise !!

I'm looking out of my window and ........ can see the late summer .......... and indeed right now, the sun is pushing itself through the dark grey north german cloudes. And with great fun I'm gonna put on my still fitting jeans for a walk on the beach, with a jacket - of course - but also with sun glasses. Well......that's the way.....

My late summer has been transferred into the October. WHO CARES ?


See you next time !

Your Wu Tao Dance trainer Veronika







                                             5 Tips for finding Balance



We are presented with choices every single day. If we understand what will really benefit us, we can make choices that will enhance our health. At a deep level of reality, all living things operate under certain natural laws. Following these laws helps us form a foundation of wellness in our lives. Here are five lifestyle choices the ancients in China tuned into. These tips will help your body and spirit recall its own healing energy.


1. Eating for Healing

Eating for healing is all about following the seasons. When you eat in harmony with the specific time of year, not only do you eat foods that are naturally available locally, you eat in a way that supports the health of your internal Qi. Food is a powerful tool to create wellness. After all, it is something you do three times a day, every day. And remember—hold the ice! TCM understanding and Natural Law teaches that the Stomach “prefers” warm foods and drinks, especially in the morning. Ice-cold drinks, dairy, and raw foods can actually unbalance the function of this key digestive organ.


2. Take a Break

Finding a balance between work and rest is important to your overall health. Start your workday with the following two-minute meditation: Sit at your desk and simply close your eyes. Breathe in and notice your body relaxing. As you breathe out, allow yourself to release any problems, emotions or physical sensations. Continue to breathe in positive energy and release negative energy. Remember to return to a relaxed, calm state via short meditation breaks throughout your day, as needed. These breaks will give your body a special energy recharge that you can’t get from caffeine or sugar. Bringing a green plant into your workspace is another great way to connect with Nature.


3. Move to Build Energy

Your body is about 70 percent water, so soft, slow, water-like forms of movement are the best forms of exercise. Self-healing practices such as Qigong, Taiji and Qidancing increase and balance your Qi. They foster many healing benefits when practiced daily over time. Casual swimming or slowly walking in nature are also great health-builders. And leave the headphones home! When you walk fully present in Nature, your body connects with and receives the healing Qi of the Natural world.


4. Early to Bed

Do you know that you expend nearly twice the energy when awake after midnight than you do during the day? Your body has an internal rhythm, and your energy moves deep into your organs during the night, rejuvenating and healing them. So be sure to get your zzz’s!


5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Emotions play a large role in your overall wellness. They are the actions of your mind and the manifestation of your consciousness. Emotions are often the energy behind many physical problems. According to TCM, emotions are a natural part of life, yet they should flow! When you experience an emotion in excess or hold onto an emotion chronically over an extended period of time, this unbalances the energy of your organs and sets the stage for health issues to arise.

One traditional healing exercise is called “Smiling from the Heart.” Face a mirror and smile—a real smile from your heart. That’s it! Your Heart is home to your Shen, or spirit, and your face reflects this aspect of your soul. This practice promotes the flow of Qi and blood throughout your entire body (and it makes you happy). So smile!


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                     Summer 2017



You know it's interesting... 


When people think of dancing, often they associate it with being fun...


A bit of a release...


And maybe a way to express themselves.


But there's a lot more to it than that.


Don't get me wrong, it's definitely fun!


But did you know there are real proven health benefits?


It's true!


       Wu Tao Dance has been shown to help:


  • Reduce the physical symptoms of disease

  • Significantly decrease levels of stress and anxiety

  • Increase flexibility and improve strength

  • Enhance your immune system

  • Promote better circulation

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Increase feelings of general well-being

  • Reduce your insomnia

  • Lessen your chronic pain, such as back pain, arthritis and headaches

  • Improve your energy levels

  • Prevent illness and disease 

  • Improve your memory

  • Prevent disease and restore health to organs already out of balance

  • Stretch and tone your muscles, tendons and ligaments

  • Alleviate chronic fatigue and arthritis

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The summer, season of the fire element, is our favourite time to express joy and happiness by laughing, being active and easy going, celebrating events and enjoying the sun.


But may be you have difficulties to experience all that this year. Dancing could be the perfect way for you to get rid of what holds you back from feeling balanced, free and happy. The fire dance in particular is our most lively and joyful Wu Tao dance because of its music and moves. Have a look and try !!!



Read here the very touching story of Shireen and her mother, about age, other peoples         

              influence on our eldest and dancing to free your body and soul.


We all move to the beat of an unfathomable melody

In Mind and Movement, Yoga, Dance and Movement by Shireen TrippMay (Comments on Wu Tao Dance)

Though her mother’s carers encouraged non-movement, Shireen knew that she needed to dance. She was right; after starting a regular wu tao routine, her mother truly came alive again.


What a difference the walker made for the elderly lady who had suffered the effects of multiple silent strokes. She had wheels to move. As night folded into day, and day folded into night, her energy seamlessly flowed from her to her walker.

Movement had made her come alive again.

She’s old, they said. Old people shouldn’t be expected to dance. They like to sleep all day long. They like to sit all day in their comfy chair. Your mum too should be allowed to do that.

And so the carers made her ‘more comfortable’ to encourage non-movement because that’s what old people do, isn’t it? It’s also easier to manage.


The carers’ mindsets were immovable, stuck and rusted through lack of their own movement. It was easier for the daughter to rush home from work to perform her elderly mother’s music and movement therapy (wu tao) herself, than to shift an embedded, immovable status quo. To dislodge the carers’ embedded mindsets was simply too hard. Their default stance was that she might fall – even though the elderly lady barely weighed more than a 12-year-old. The likelihood of falling during this customised, choreographed music and movement therapy was nearly zero.

The truth was that it was easier for them not to move from their belief system. Belief systems are the hardest to move. This was ‘new’. None of the other clients had asked them to dance. They didn’t do ‘new’. It was against their workplace health and safety regulations.

The daughter would flick on the music the minute she returned from work. She would bend down to a seemingly sleeping old lady and clasp her tiny hands. Locked in her daughter’s arms, the mother lifted herself up, opened her eyes, and smiled. The two would gently sway and twist to the music. A physiotherapist had at first looked over her shoulder to check that she was doing no harm with the wu tao movements, which had been especially customised to the elderly lady’s needs.

The daughter blended these to music, especially composed for movement therapy. She held her mother’s hand now, as her mother once held hers. She willed life into her mother, as her mother once willed life into her.

The daughter was trained and licensed in wu tao. The daughter brought knowledge, training, commitment, ingenuity, and imagination to convince the carers that movement should be incorporated into her mother’s care plan, but to no avail.

Hold my mum, she implored. Feel the music wash over her, through her, and drench her in its life-giving force.

They were uncomfortable and embarrassed. The greatest human fear is the fear of making a fool of oneself. Our belief systems are the hardest to shift.

They were disconnected from their own natural inner rhythm. Thus, they could not see that dancing was akin to breathing; a very natural human expression. For them, dancing was constrained within the shackles of step, step, stepping to dance studio disco rules. If you did not know the steps, you did not dance.

Elderly woman walking with frameElderly woman walking with frameThey could not ‘feel’ it – could not feel her mum’s life force connect with the cosmic rhythm when she moved to music.

Others have gone to elaborate lengths to prove the very essence of life is movement. Studied as the Higgs particle – also called the ‘God Particle’, by some – physicists interested in it constructed a mind-boggling experiment, deep within the earth’s bowels. The object was to still the Higgs particle sufficiently to obtain its signature. The more they probed, the more mysteries they unravelled. It was by its ‘movement’ that the Higgs particle left its signature on its surroundings. Its presence was known only by its movement.

We are no different. Movement is what we are. Without movement, our inner sauce, sticks, strings, tubes and gum, would count for naught. Without movement, we would, literally and figuratively, stagnate and die.

The daughter did (eventually) win the compliance of the carers to enable her mum to move at regular intervals. Their compliance came too late. Her mother died of complications triggered by a pressure sore.

Looking deep into her mother’s eyes as she lay dying in a palliative care ward, the daughter thought she glimpsed an ancestral mother, spinning a prayer wheel, or perhaps fingering prayer beads.


About the author
Shireen TrippShireen Tripp



Shireen Tripp

Shireen Tripp is a registered wu tao dance instructor. She is at peace with the manner in which her mother's life journey unfolded. Her mum was 95 years old. She had a good life.









                  The story of Wu Tao Dance and Mum  




This year in March my mum passed away at the age of 86 after suffering from Parkinson. 'Her' Parkinson wasn't the kind of heavy shaking hands and head but problems with speaking and moving. Both was what mum loves in her life and I found it so cruel that this disease was creeping through her brain taking away what she always needed to take part in life.

When I startet my Wu Tao Dance training she was so interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in working on the meridians and living with the 5 elements as she always was looking for other options beyond the western medicine.

By the time I finished my training on Bali with a certification as a Wu Tao Dance Teacher Mums body conditions turned into bad. I had been staying in Australia for about a year those days and had decided to do some meditations, movements and breathing exercises with her via Skype - the first weeks every day and twice a week afterwords. I also did the sitting version of the wisdom dance and she loved it. At that time she was hooked to the wheelchair.......she thought and - above all - the carers did.

You might get an idea of what happened. After 4 weeks her speach improved. I could understand her much better, her pronounciaton became nearly clear. She started smiling or laughing more often and emerged from the darkness of her depression into a brighter reality, for a deep depression was her uninvited constant companion since years.

Her physiotherapist was extremely amazed about her improvement in walking with the walker.......slowly but with more strength. She became so optimistic to be able to walk better in the future.

But in the end she got a pneumonia and her lungs collapsed. I remember her look when she spoke her last words to me. She opened her eyes - in a face with not even one wrinkle - looked directly into my eyes, smiled and said: "Good bye Veronika"

She never used those words when I left her place but this time I felt a deep gratitude in her words.......not knowing that they would be her last ones to me. She has known it for she passed away the next night.

What remains for ever is a great relief that I could help her to have better days at the end of her life, better 13 months with Wu Tao Dance and its wonderful effects on body, soul and mind.  THANK YOU MUM !!! Thank you Michelle !