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Wu (the dance) Tao (the way) is a set of choreographed movements done to music that increase the flow of energy, called Qi, through the body. Similar to Tai Qi and Yoga. Wu Tao differs in that it uses dance as the main method to bring balance to the body, mind and soul.

In addition to that exercises in stretching and breathing will be practised in our classes as well as meditations. So you can start or finish off your day relaxed and balanced.

The dances and all other exercises refer to the meridians - the energy pathways of the body - and include the connection to the 5 elements of the Traditional Chinese Medicine air (metal), water, wood, fire and earth.

Be surprised what Wu Tao Dance is doing for you. It has an extraordinary pleasant and healing impact on your body. You will feel more positive, with increased energy and reduced stress level.



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                  Dances                              Meditations                    Makko Ho Stretches  









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