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                             Wu Tao is both

                       Movement and Stillness,

                            Doing and Being



Wu Tao means The Dancing Way (Chinese translation), and is a dance-based therapy that balances and harmonises the flow of Qi     (life-force energy in the body). It has its foundations in Oriental Medicine, and is a system of healing with a holistic philosophy and practice, that restores balance to the person on all levels.

The main form of Wu Tao is a series of dances that balance the Qi. This is achieved by activating and stretching the channels (called meridians), which are the pathways through which the Qi energy flows. Each dance (there are 5) works on balancing two meridians, which belong to a particular element.


When Qi is flowing through the body without blockage there are a number of benefits:

access to geater amounts of physical and mental energy,

increased stamina, vitality and strength,

feeling more balanced.


The dances are learned  and then performed to beautiful melodic music which corresponds with the particular energy and quality of the element for which it is used. The end result is an experience of beauty, harmony and balance physically, energetically and mentally, during and after performing the dances.

The more Wu Tao is danced, the more the energy is freed up and can flow easily through the body. A person will feel more positive, with increased energy and reduced stress levels. This is due to the effect on the Liver, which often becomes blocked in westerners due to our significantly high levels of stress and toxicity.

At a cellular level, embodying positive emotional states such as gratitude can have a powerful healing effect on the body/mind. The brain and body begin to rewire itself and the cells of the body start to rejuvenate and harness the true power of Life energy. As we have more of these kinds of thoughts, we create connections between cells that can encourage healing, a stronger immune system and increased energy.



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