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Makko Ho Stretches


The Makko Ho Stretches are a technique of self-healing. They ease and tone the meridians as much as they release blockages, so that the flow of Qi can improve. This flow is neccessary for the correct function of the organs.

The exercises base on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are practised in the order of the 5 elements air (metal), water, wood, fire and earth. Each stretch works on two meridians, which support two particular organs.

It is important to do the exercises on a comfortable level......never beyond.


Feel the stretch, but no pain !


The Makko Ho exercises are not only focussed on stretching, but also on breathing. The movements folllow the rythm of inhaling and exhaling. So tension will be released and Qi can flow easily.

While doing each single stretch it is impotant to be aware of your physical, psychological and emotional changes.