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Wu Tao is an active and dynamic dance meditation


Meditation is the act of quieting the mind and allowing the natural peaceful nature of ones inner being to arise. While the mind is focused and concentrated on doing the dances and using the visualisation techniques, there is less room for the mind to chatter!

Wu Tao is a relatively easy way to be in a meditative state, as the dances require concentration to learn them and the music assists in keeping you focused on the imagery being used.

In Wu Tao we use visual images that aid in connecting a person to the specific qualities and energy of the dances. These images are directly related to the purpose of each movement. The focus when doing Wu Tao is very much on flow and not on thinking about the process. Thought processes generally pull a person out of the body and into the head, so thinking is best avoided when dancing!

The dances enable a person to feel, express, transform and integrate emotions as they arise, and move one back into a natural connection with life energy.


Copyright Michelle Locke  


Apart from the dance maditations Wu Tao Dance includes a lot more ways to meditate: with words (with or without special music relating to the particular type of meditation), whilst walking, lying down or sitting as well as standing upright. These meditationforms are "built around"  the dances in order to balance your body, mind and soul and calm you down to get ready for the next dance.