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What is Qi ?


Qi is the life-force energy. It animates an enlivens the physical form of all life forms. It is what keeps your body working in all its aspects. It is the very force that keeps you alive, gives you initiative and drives and inspires you. It maintains your physical form, your mind and spirit.

There is Qi enlivening every cell of your  body. Another form of Qi flows through the channels (meridians) in the body. The meridians run close to the surface of the skin as well as penetrating deep into the body to connect with the organs. This Qi is important in the creation and sustaining of the functions of the body including breathing, circulation, digestion and the elimination of waste.

According to Oriental Medicine, all the organs have an energetic nature and function as well as a physical function. This belief and practice distinguishes it from western medicine which acknowledges only the physical structure of the body and the organs in particular.

For example, in Oriental Medicine (OM) the Kidney organ and energy affects the function of the reproductive system, lower back, knees, CNS and bones. In conventional western medicine it is an organ in the lower abdomen which has a specific physical function related to purifying the body of wastes etc.

In OM you have a system of medicine that sees all things as connected to each other and part of the whole organism. The organs have a physical structure and function and an energetic structure, function and dynamic interaction with every other organ. This interplay is what determines a person's health and state of balance.

In Oriental Medicine, health and balance in a person depends on three main things:

The smooth flow of Qi and Blood

Good quality of Qi and Blood

Correct functioning of the organs

 We produce Qi through the intake of air, food and water. Qi circulates around the body through the meridians enabling and nurturing the correct function of the organs and all bodily functions. When Qi is flowing smoothly, without disturbance, health is maintained. When the flow of Qi is disrupted or blocked, imbalance can occur resultung in stress on the system which can then lead to disease.

Imbalance may occur in one or more meridians or organs, which in turn creates energy disturbances in other organs and meridians.


Wu Tao Dance is a good remedy for disharmonies of Qi, since it helps to re-establish a balanced flow of Qi throughout  the whole body.



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