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Why is dance a good form of exercise? A research on this question has shown that dance (ballroom dancing in the study) is associated wih a lower risk of dementia (published New England Journal of Medicine 2005). The mentally challenging  aspects of dancing, following dance steps, moving and staying in time with the music is believed to be responsible. The study involved a group of men and women over the age of 75.

Another research (done at Columbia University Medical Centre 2007) shows that dance exercise stimulates the growth of new nerve cells in the area of the brain within the hippocampus (the dentate gyrus) which affects age related memory decline.


Dance is a complex learning activity.


Dance is physical movement                                               - It uses the body in a particular fashion that encourages coordination, balance                                                                                                     and the integration of new movement patterns


Dance engages the left and right sides of the brain       -  Many dance forms involve repeating a movement a number of times in order                                                                                                      to master the routine. Dance helps to orientate a person in space. This is                                                                                                      also a brain process that involves knowing where you are, where your body                                                                                                      begins and ends and your place in the environmental space.


"Dance is one of the best ways to maintain cognitive function and brain balance."

(Dr. Norman Doidge  in ' The Brain that Changes itself ')



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 Have a look on the Surrender Dance below and some short views on the 5 core dances,

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